Not since Blood and Money has such a bizarre and compelling true crime story come to light. In July of 1982, on the shores of Lake Waco, Texas, police found the savagely mutilated bodies of three teenagers. After only eight weeks, frustrated authorities marked the case "suspended." The killers were getting away with murder. But their ringleader couldn't resist bragging -- and one determined lawman heard his careless whispers.

On the grisly night the bodies were found, Patrol Sergeant Truman Simons knelt beside each of the victims and vowed to find the killers. His hunt soon became an obsession. Risking his family and his job, Simons pluged into a sordid web of murder for hire, mistaken identity, drugs and illegal aliens -- and into the depraved mind of a vicious criminal. Eighteen gruelling months later, four men were indicted for the murders. Truman Simons had kept his promise.